Some work I've done that deserved at least a gif.
Spread done for Impact Magazine. Assignment for Lambda Legal.
These are promo pieces for social media on my latest rebranding.
Check the creative process here
Here it is! The 7th son of #US4T finally hits Soundcloud.
This one is special, just an hour long, sort of a new experiment.
Enjoy here

So for this #US4T, I put together some melodic and emotional beats followed by the traditional hypnotic heavier tracks, oh and some breakbeats to spice it up.
Enjoy here
I freelanced for Marriott Vacations Worldwide Corp. and did these concepts for a timeshare conference.
Big thanks to Kathi Feese for the oportunity.
Enlarged version
Cipatex 2015 Mens campaign key illustration.
Showing off their (and ours) passion for performance.
Cipatex 2015 Women's campaign key illustration.
Wherever she steps, she transforms.
The fifth installment of my #US4T series coming to you directly from New York.
Enjoy here
WOOOOW, It's been too long but I'm back with two hours of all sorts of techno. Also with those breakbeats to spice it up a little.
This one comes to you directly from New York, so a lot of Output & Schimanski influences around the mix.
Oh, big up to @rudigusmao for letting me tease his new and unreleased track.
Enjoy here
The third of my new series directly from Orlando, USA.
Download it free here

The second of my new series directly from Orlando, USA.
And boy this has an old school warehouse techno vibe.
Download it free here
This is the first of a new series mixed by myself in my new studio here in Orlando.
Any #techno headbanger around to collab? :)
Download it free here
The Blind Duel project is all about DJ's battling for 2 hours with no previous knowledge of what has been played before.
BD001 - TNT vs RUD (techno)
BD002 - TNT vs Spilger (techno)
BD003 - Mario Neto vs TNT (techno)
*** Bonus TNT live @ The Farm (tech house)
Unfortunately this didn't make the final cut.